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Författare Ämne: Iron Moot: the next American-style convention in Europe.  (läst 1641 gånger)
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Pressganger at large; loose in London.

« skrivet: 3 Mars 2015 kl. 14:35:49 »

This is the third year for the Iron Moot, one of the few American-styled conventions that is held in Europe. If you loved SmogCon or just want to finally see what all the fuss is about a Warmachine/Hordes-themed convention, I highly recommend you make plans to come to the Iron Moot. This will be my 3rd time attending and can't wait. All the information is on their website: http://ironmoot.se/ but here are the key pieces of information so that you can start planning to come. Hope to see you there!

The event will be held the second weekend of August (7th to the 9th).

The event will be held at the Apple Hotel (http://www.applehotel.se/), a conference hotel which is located just east of Gothenburg city centre in Sweden. All gaming will be done at the hotel. In addition, they have reserved 15 double rooms (900 SEK/night), 5 three bed rooms (1100 SEK/night) and 3 single bed rooms (700 SEK/night) for the weekend so gamers can stay on-site. If you stay at the Apple Hotel, included in the hotel price is breakfast, coffee during the day, lunch and dinner buffet in the evening. This means that if you choose to stay at the hotel, you get breakfast, lunch and dinner served (AND INCLUDED!), without having to leave the hotel.The prices above are not the same as if you book through their homepage or other channel. In order to get the price above you will need to call or email the hotel and state the following booking reference: 479224. The rooms will be held until 24-April after which the hotel can no longer guarantee them. Payment is upon arrival.

Food and Beverages
As is their tradition, lunch for every day will be included in the ticket price, even if you don't stay at the Apple Hotel. Since the event is held at the Apple Hotel we will have access to the hotel bar and might even have a personal bar at the main gaming area. The hotel has a small arrangement of snacks and sodas similar to the kiosk they've had in previous years. For those not staying at the hotel wanting dinner there is a MAX Hamburger restaurant 50m from the Hotel and the tram and train stations is 150m in either direction with just a couple of stops to central station or other areas where there are restaurants. There is also a big ICA (groceries) store nearby.

Registration will open on the 1st of March and will close the 30th of June. The price for the ticket is the same as last year, 500 SEK (~53 EURO). Included in the ticket prize is:

• Access to the event
• Reservation for a spot in (at least) one tournament per day
• Lunch each day you attend (served at the Hotel)


All 3 days:
Iron Arena styled casual gaming - gain achievement points just by playing lots of games against new people
Pick-up Scramble tournaments (small informal tournaments for fun)

Swedish Masters (cap at 64 players)
Hardcore (cap at 32 players)

Saturday:Iron Gauntlet Qualifier (cap at 64 players)
Road to the Invitational (cap at 32 players)

Sunday:Nordic Invitational (16 qualified players) - this is also a Qualifier for the European Invitational at ClogCon in December.
Team Tournament (16 teams of three players)

Painting competition
​More information on the competition to come, but expect the categories to be the same as or close to the same as the P3 Grandmaster rules. Those rules can be found at: http://privateerpress.com/formula-p3/gen-con-formula-p3-grandmaster-painting-competition-rules. The prizes for the tournament will not be cash prizes but will come out of the general prize pool.


Pressganger at large; loose in London.
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Kolgruvan  |  Community  |  Evenemang  |  Ämne: Iron Moot: the next American-style convention in Europe. « föregående nästa »
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